Monday, 29 February 2016

Peach Cobbler or Peach upside down cake

You just got home from school and as you walk through the door you get hit by the sweet smell of your mom’s peach cobbler (or insert favourite sweet thing in there). School bag is thrown on the floor, a spoon is fetched and we are ready to go! We all have fond memories like that and mine certainly contains a peach cobbler and melting ice-cream. It is a great family dessert, it is extremely simple to make and it has very few ingredients. Because you turn it upside down once it is cool it can look very impressive if you have spared lots of time arranging the fruit in a pretty pattern so it is great for a dinner party too.  

4 eggs
4 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp flour
50 grams butter
1 tsp good quality vanilla extract - It MUST be extract NOT essence!
2 cans of peaches


1. Melt the butter and put in baking tray - let it cool until it hardens. 

2. Drain the beaches and dry as best as you can, make sure any thick pieces are cut in half so they are all roughly the same thickness. Arrange the peach pieces on top of the hardened butter.

3. Separate the 4 egg yolks from the egg whites, carefully. There must be no yolk in the whites.

4. Beat the egg whites into stiff peaks adding 2 tablespoons sugar.

5. Beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar until it turns a light colour and has gained some extra volume.

6. Carefully with a metal spoon fold the egg yolks into the egg whites, then add the vanilla.

7. Still using the metal spool sift the flour into the egg mixture. You need to try and keep as much air in the mixture as possible

8. Now gently pour the batter on top of the peaches covering it equally

9. Bake the mixture in a moderate oven (about 180C Fan - 200C' if no fan) for about 20 minutes - until the top is a golden colour and a toothpick comes out clean with no batter on it.   

Leave to cool completely before you turn it over, you can serve with ice cream, whipped cream or just on its own. You can also change the fruit to mangos pineapple, plums, or any other soft fruit. I would imagine halved cherries would be amazing but a little bit on the expensive side.   

I would also like to give a heads up on the cooking time. I find that 20 minutes works for me in most ovens I have however found that sometimes that has been not quite enough. so keep an eye on it while it cooks. Usually though the smell will let you know when it is ready and when it is starting to burn.

Bon Appetite!